We have worked on many projects over the years; some of them have won awards within the Canadian government, some have had big money behind them and some were on a tight budget. Regardless, the outcome was the same: Our clients got more than what they expected and were happy with the results.

We have learned that we are willing to work with anyone who has a need that we can fill and the only requirements we look for in a client is that they are open minded and have a passion for what they do.

Here are just a few of our projects.

Come to Canada Wizard

Come to Canada Website

The ‘Come to Canada Wizard’ web application

We were contracted by Citizenship Immigration Canada wished to to design, develop and implement a web-based wizard to support the information needs for those planning on coming to Canada to live, visit, study or to work. The wizard is designed to provide various screens that allow the web user to identify the purpose of their visit, as well as identify a number of other important criteria to improve the filtering and targeting of information.

In addition to supporting a user friendly way to provide information to web visitors, the project also involves providing tools to support the content and logic management functions. The application was considered a success and won a 2012 GTEC distinction award. The site continues to be popular and has a regular traffic flow of 100,000 visitors per month.

Visit the Come to Canada website.

Enterprise Web Content Management System

Enterprise Web Content Management System UI

Interwoven/Autonomy’s TeamSite user interface which is used to manage content, digital assets and publishing workflows

In an effort to standardize technology tools within the Government, an initiative was launched by PWGSC to procure government wide license for a COTS enterprise WCMS to support government departments with their web publishing needs. Our firm was heavily involved with designing, developing and implementing a reusable framework that is used by Agriculture Agri-Food, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and Canadian Heritage.

Visit the sites: CFIA, AAFC, CH and AANDC

GeoWorld Outdoors Website

GeoWorld Outdoors Website

The main page for the GeoWorld Outdoors website

We worked with GeoWorld Outdoors to design, develop and deploy their corporate website and are currently in the process of architecting, designing and developing their application framework for their first product (to be announced soon).

Visit the GeoWorld Outdoors site.

Healthy Homes Renovation Construction and Design Website

Healthy Homes Renovation Construction and Design Website

The Healthy Homes Renovation Construction and Design Website

We worked with Healthy Homes Renovation Construction and Design to aid them with both their marketing and technology requirements. A unified branding strategy and a modern looking website allowed Healthy Homes to focus and explain their core strengths and also allowed them to stand out amongst their competitors.

Visit the Healthy Homes Renovation Construction and Design site.

Management Reporting Module

The management reporting module (MRM) project is a Government of Canada produced software tool and is used by 19 government departments that connects and extracts departmental expenditures from the data mainframes. Once the data has been extracted, it allows managers to quickly review the data in a user friendly fashion while in the office or offsite. Depending on their application security level, the tool allows a user to view expenditures and costs from as high up as a departmental view down to a specific team.

No link – Internal tool only

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